Thursday, January 12, 2017

SYMA quad copter- great with extra batteries

I am 12 years old and my dad purchased 2 drones and extra batteries for me and my siblings for Christmas. We love them and it’s hard not to go outside in the freezing weather and play with these drones!

This drone is absolutely great! You can replace almost every piece of it; even if you break the motherboard you can replace it. It flies very smoothly and is really easy to get the hang of flying. There are lots of controls to mess with like flips and trimming. this is a way to perfect your drone if it is tilting/flying. in a direction even when you're not pressing the controls. There is a high and low speed for flying I would recommend not using the fast speed if you are just starting to fly because it’s very hard to control. Another great feature of this drone is that when the battery goes dead it doesn't just fall from the sky; it slowly decelerates to the ground, then lands.

There are things of which you should be aware. If it is your first time flying you should stay away from trees and houses. If you get it on top of something high there is a good chance it's going to stay up there. We have gotten one stuck in a very tall tree and it has gone through tough winds and thunderstorms and it still is stuck on a branch.

-lots of replacement parts if something gets damaged
-the ability to get extra batteries is awesome
-very durable
-really good for the price
-batteries take a long time to charge
-LED covers come off easily
-guards snap easily

I would definitely recommend this drone. The number of replacement parts and the ability to get extra batteries makes it a great drone! Although without the extra batteries it would be less enjoyable because of the batteries; last for a while, but take an extremely long time to charge. It doesn't take to long to change batteries it has instructions to guide you through step by step. Its quality is amazing! It still does have some problems, but they are common problems for drones like wind and other circumstances in which you can't fly it. Overall it's an awesome drone and if you want a good drone for a good price this is the one to get!