Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our favorite campground

We love to camp. Right now Hillman Ferry is our favorite place to go. It is near our home and boasts lots of fun activities for the kids.

If you are looking for a nice place to visit in LBL we definitely recommend it. We also suggest Areas A or B as they have the newest facilities.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Father's World homeschool curriculum

The best fit for our family for homeschooling. We are beginning our second year with MFW. Last year we used the Adventures year along with 1st grade. It was something we switched to after a month of miserable school with my patched together, self-designed school (which I also had done the year before). While challenging and rigorous, I failed to include enough "fun stuff" to keep the kids interested. A friend recommended this curriculum to me as an alternative and it has been a blessing. Everything works for a while with our crew, but this has stood the test of time. I am recommending their materials wholeheartedly.

MFW gave us several things:
For the kids:
Fun crafts, good books, and short meaningful lessons (Charlotte Mason approach). "Fun school" they call it.

For me:
Lessons planned and scheduled, teaching notes, thoroughly researched materials, do-able crafts, and a realistic plan for what a Mom of 4 can get done within a school day.

It made school more fun as I was no longer scrambling to put together supplies, spending time reviewing books, and planning our schedule. Instead my focus is on having fun with the kids and learning with them as we explore together. Yes, we still hear "I don't want to do school" some mornings but minutes after we begin we hear things like "Let's do more, Mom" and "Please keep reading!!" They learned a lot last year and we are looking forward to what we will learn together this year.

If you are interested in homeschool curriculum I encourage you to see what they have to offer: