Thursday, January 27, 2011

North Face Coats and Timberland Shoes

We traveled around Germany for three months.  Two things were vital for us- good coats and good shoes.  We did not have a car and utilized walking and public transportation.  We walked several miles on an average day of touring and went in all weather conditions.  When we arrived home only my oldest son's Timberlands and their North Face coats survived the trip. 

We literally walked the tread off our shoes.  Two kids had to have their shoes replaced half way through the trip (not cheap with the current exchange rate).  We threw away our youngest son's shoes the day before we left, and he traveled home in crocs.  However, my oldest son is still wearing the Timberlands.  They outperformed 5 other pairs of shoes of various brands.  Love the Timberlands!

Their North Face Triclimate coats.... How can I express how much we love them.  We debated about the expense of the coats (we have four kids=FOUR coats), but I can honestly say they were well worth the money.  Yes, we do have the stress of not wanting to lose them.  We've put tags on the zippers and we try to make sure everyone is aware of where they take them off and we've done well so far.  We didn't go into this purchase without research.  My husband hiked the Appalachian Trail so he is a connoisseur of good outdoor gear.  He wanted the kids dry, comfortable, and able to adjust for whatever conditions we faced.  I can honestly say that I am thrilled with their performance.  This was the best purchase we made for our adventure.  If there is one thing I'd tell people to buy before going to Europe for the fall this would be it. We used the fleece liners on cool fall days.  The outer waterproof shell on rainy days and the combined coat once the weather turned cold.  My kids were never cold or wet- even when walking in heavy rains.  I am sold on North Face.  A few photos of them in their coats in various locales: